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Adventures in nuance

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In an increasingly polarized society, where nuanced discussions have been replaced by click-bait headlines, 280 characters-or-less opinions, and extremist social commentary, Adventures in Nuance seeks to have good-faith conversations with people from across the spectrum on a verity of social-political topics.



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Robert Kortus


Robert Kortus is a husband, father, music lover, beer connoisseur, reader, blogger, urban hippy, science geek, atheist/naturalist who seeks to understand the world a little better.

pilot episodes

Episode 1
An Atheist and a Pastor Walk Into a Bar...

On this episode I sit down Pastor Fred Wilgenburg of New Roots Ministry to talk about our friendship and how it has shaped us over the years as well as hear Fred's reasons for believing in God.

episode 2
Abortion Myths Debunked

On this episode we dive into everyone's favorite holiday-meal topic - abortion! There's a lot of misinformation out there about abortion, so I brought in former NARAL (Pro-Choice South Dakota) director Samantha Spawn to talk about some of the most common misconceptions as well as current laws being discussed in the news.

Episode 3
Life After Religion

People who have no religious affiliation are the fastest growing "religious" group in America. While the headlines often talk about the many people who are leaving religion, they seldom mention how difficult this can be for people. On this episode, I talk to Paul Pinos, the son of missionary parents, who went through a difficult de-conversion out of Christianity and how one finds meaning and purpose post-religion.

Episode 4
Understanding Transgender

With the topic of transgender people increasingly making headlines, I wanted to get some clarification on some of the most common topics of discussion. I got some help from Reina "Boots" Parker in helping me understand gender pronouns, what gender dysphoria is, and the controversy surrounding transgender high school students in sports.

Episode 5
Living Blue in a Red State

On this episode I sit down with Representative Erin Healy to talk about current political issues in South Dakota, finding middle ground with people on the opposite side of the political spectrum, and the popularity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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