How Does Studio Be Labs Work?

1. You have an idea. Awesome.

2. You fill out our So You Think You Have Something To Say form.

3. We review your idea.

4. We send you another magical form asking for more detail.

5. We listen to your demo.

6. You blow our minds.

7. We invite you to come in and record 3-5 pilot episodes.

8. We cover the product cost of those episodes, about $1000 worth of love.

9. We include your pilot on our next available release day.

10. We syndicate out your pilot episodes via our Studio Be Labs podcast.

11. We post about you on social media, blog about you, email out about you, tell our grandma about you.

12. The public goes wild. Downloads of your podcast go crazy.*

13. We keep pushing your pilot episodes for 180 days.

14. Because of the massive public demand, we decide to turn your pilot into an ongoing show.

15. We help you secure sponsors so we can all get paid.

16. You become wildly famous in the podcast world and all of your wildest dreams come true.

*If the public doesn't like your pilot, no worries, you come in and try another concept.

If you don’t want to test a concept and just want to rent studio time, you can find the information for that here:

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