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Intellectual Property is a very specialized area of the law and misinformation is rampant on the internet. Most patent attorneys work in large traditional style law firms in big cities, or for a particular company, so they have limited contact with either independent inventors or small business owners who might find their prices and/or approach inaccessible. In contrast, Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law strives to be approachable, practical, and provide affordable and predictable legal fees. They are happy to represent independent inventors and small businesses new to the world of intellectual property. In this podcast Brendan Dix, a partner in the law firm, takes a casual approach to intellectual property topics by breaking down the law and giving relatable examples or stories illustrating how intellectual property really works.



meet the host

brendan dix Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law.

Brendan Dix


Brendan Dix is a patent attorney registered to practice before the Patent Trademark Office for more than 25 years and currently a partner in the law firm of Kaufhold & Dix, with offices in Sioux Falls, SD, and Edina, MN. Brendan is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and a member of the Indiana Bar. As the law firm practices in the area of federal law, they assist clients from all over the world, particularly individuals and small businesses, in the areas of obtaining intellectual property rights, intellectual property business strategies, and portfolio development.

pilot episodes

Episode 1
Copyright and General Info: What are we doing here?

Host Brendan Dix introduces Guest Co-Host is Jason Wormstadt, Office Manager of Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law in Sioux Falls, SD. Jason has an AS degree in electronic technology from North Dakota State College of Science, a BS Electronics Engineering Technology degree from South Dakota State University, and worked at Lodgenet Entertainment as an electronic engineer in hardware development before working many years in law firms that handle intellectual property.
They discuss, how do you make Intellectual Property law interesting to a broader audience? Rock n Roll is interesting and Jason's son, Simon, is in a local band that released their first single last week. We discuss some of the threshold copyright issues for new music and generally meander aimlessly through some other general intellectual property topics.

Episode 2
Patented Iconic Games: A Quick Quiz Show

Host Brendan Dix quizzes Guest Co-Host Jason Wormstadt about some patented iconic games, note how some simple things have been patented in the past, and discuss why it is now difficult to get a patent for a game.

Episode 3
Getting a Patent to Avoid Infringement: That is NOT how any of this works

Guest Co-Host Jason and Host Brendan Dix cover why you can still infringe on someone else's patent even if you get your own. They discuss a practical example to demonstrate the differences between getting a patent and infringing a patent and why you would still want to get a patent even if you know it could infringe another patent.


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