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All ecosystems are interdependent of one and other, whether natural or human made. These discussions with experts from a variety of different backgrounds tackle the interconnected nature of our world, and how we can design and build our human infrastructures to interact with nature in more organic ways.



meet the co-hosts


Jordan Deffenbaugh


Jordan holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of NE-Lincoln, from the Prestigious Johnny Carson School of Theatre, Film and New Media. His diverse background feeds his approach to design solutions, as his body of work has straddled the industries of custom homebuilding, Fine and Performing Arts, global SEO data analysis and website design-development, as well as community engagement and development. Whether working on a small or large-scale project, Jordan approaches each with leading-edge action, focused on client-based needs, smart design, efficiency and new design/build technologies.


Caleb Hoffman


Caleb is an ecological based designer focused on integrated food production systems and watershed restoration. He holds a Certificate in Permaculture Design from the Permaculture Research Institute In Australia and is currently working/living in Australia. Caleb has completed watershed restoration and riparian habitat repair in New Zealand, Australia, Northern California, and Sioux Falls, SD, his hometown.

pilot episodes

Episode 1
Eco-system Builder's Declaration of Interdependence

Jordan Deffenbaugh and Caleb Hoffman dig into the "Eco-system Builder's Declaration of Interdependence."

episode 2
corporations as ai

Peter Scheyer remotes in from Chicago to about disaster relief ecosystems and his research in AI security and "corporations as AI."

Episode 3
competency based education

Dr. Nathan Hitchcock speaks about Competency Based Education and how the future of education may look more like the Boy Scouts.

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