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Human Capital or often referred to as Talent Management is much more than the administrative practice of HR. Talent Management is an integrated set of processes, programs, and cultural norms in an organization that is designed and implemented to attract, engage, develop, and retain the right talent for the right job at the right time.



meet the co-hosts

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Justin Quigley


For over a decade, Justin Quigley has immersed himself in the people industry. From former police officer to a current talent executive, Justin has been working with many different personalities on the streets and in the office. Presently, Justin works with some of the largest agriculture and commercial construction companies in the US assisting them with acquiring, building, and retaining top talent.

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Jeremy Wortman


With a strong passion for and a commitment to the positive development of individuals and organizations, Jeremy Wortman is the Owner of HRD Initiatives, which specializes in leadership development, organizational development and talent management solutions. In this capacity, he works with client partners’ executive teams in determining talent management strategies, building leadership talent, implementing solutions and coaching individual leaders.

pilot episodes

Episode 1
Acquiring Human Capital

What is Human Capital and Talent Management? We will answer those questions and discuss why they are important and how they are used in corporate America. The vast majority of corporate America has missed the mark on properly acquiring talent. Using validated assessments, creating talent-based job postings, and a strong commitment to hire for talent and culture fit just as much as technical fit are just a few we will discuss.

episode 2
Commitment Issues?

Engaging your talent has a whole new meaning and it begins with leadership. We will discuss how important it is to develop and implement team building exercises that will help avoid friction and conflict.

Episode 3
Cultivation Nation

Today's workforce expect to be developed, most organizations fail to develop their people. We will discuss how to leverage your talent and why it's important.

Episode 4
Get a grip

Coaching, mentoring, and leadership development must be implemented throughout every organization. We will discuss how to properly execute and implement these in your business.

Episode 5
Don't Hire People to Fire Them

What's the cost of turnover in America? How do I conduct a Talent Management audit? We will answer your questions in this episode and discuss how you can become a better business leader and understand the human capital side of your business.

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