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living In the wait

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How do I continue living while waiting for my heart’s desires? We all have something in life we’re not prepared for, an unexpected challenge. Most often this struggle isn’t immediately resolved and we grow impatient. It might be unique to you or shared by others. Waiting is often the hardest part, but we don’t get to choose what things in life we wait for and for Melissa, it was infertility.
In each episode, blogger, educator and event planner extraordinaire, Melissa Vande Kieft discusses topics like infertility, waiting and faith all centered around making the most of your wait. Episodes include featured interviews with experts, her own personal experiences and most importantly, your real-life stories of Living in the Wait.
Melissa delivers encouraging and thought-provoking messages to inspire you and your journey. If you have ever asked the question, “How do I live in my wait? – this podcast is for you.



meet the host

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Melissa Vande Kieft


Melissa is an event planner extraordinaire and enjoys all things related to details, logistics, organizing and planning. Outside of her official work title, she is a blogger, educator and soon to be first time mom after journeying through infertility for over 3 years. She loves to strike up a conversation with everyone she meets. Hearing stories and connecting on a personal level with others is what energizes her. Melissa’s closet is full of striped shirts because for her, one in every color is a must. And, growing up, she wanted every Barbie ever made. Melissa is known for her big heart and loves encouraging others. She a huge fan of generosity, grace, planners and asking questions. More than anything, she loves living life with her guy, Ry. They enjoy the outdoors and most Saturday’s can be found watching college sports. Guided by faith, Melissa wants you to know that you can live life to the fullest, even while waiting for your heart’s desires. She encourage you to be brave and live in your wait.

pilot episodes

Episode 1
The Birth of Living in the Wait

How do I continue living while waiting for my heart’s desires? In today’s episode we answer this question as Melissa shares the concept behind Living in the Wait, what it means, why it matters to you and how to apply in your own life.

Episode 2
Our Infertility Story in All Its Glory

While you may not be going through infertility, you more than likely know someone who is. Infertility is a sensitive topic and rarely talked about openly with family, friends or in public. While today’s message speaks specifically to those going through infertility, many of the concepts Melissa shares can be applied to your own situation.

episode 3
8 Ways to be Your Own Advocate

This may sound inaccurate, but YOU DO have some control on this wild ride called life. You have the power to make choices and learn things to help you on your journey. It comes down to one word: Advocate.

Melissa likes tactical + practical, so today, she’ll break down what advocacy means to better understand why it’s so important.


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