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The podcast where we talk to bad ass women and brag about the mountains we are moving to make the world a better place.



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Dakotah jordan


My name is Dakotah Jordan, I was born and raised in Iowa but now call Sioux Falls, SD home. It was meant to be, my name is Dakotah after all. I started my career in the Non-profit world but recently moved to the world of Finance and work in Recruitment at Northwestern Mutual which I love. My friends have said that my dream job would be a full-time volunteer, which isn't too far off. I love volunteering but overall just being a positive force for good in my community. My life goal is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and pour that awesomeness back into the people and organizations around them. My favorite things include: Dogs, sharing tea with a friend, telling bad jokes, getting involved with local organizations/clubs, and relaxing in my hammock reading books. Over the past year I have become extremely passionate about empowering and uplifting the women around me. I have gained amazing mentors and colleagues in my time in Sioux Falls and believe we need to do a better job of working together and lifting each other up. Say It Louder! is my mission to accomplish this for women across the nation and eventually worldwide. Lets do this!

pilot episodes

Episode 1
dakotah jordan: What and why

This week we chat with Dakotah, the visionary behind the podcast to talk about what the show is about and why it needed to happen. Come join the conversation about women stepping forward and bragging about the amazing things they are doing to change the world.

episode 2
Jolene Loetscher: Certified Bad Ass

This week we chat with Jolene. Award Winning Crime Reporter. Started Jolene's task force to end child abuse by 2026. Successful Entrepreneur. One of Five women in the history of Sioux Falls, SD to run for Mayor. Presidential Leadership Scholar. Mom. Named by Dakotah as a Certified Bad Ass. Listen to Jolene get VULNERABLE!

Episode 3
Courtney Place: See Us Movement

This week we chat with Courtney. She is a academic and athletic powerhouse that started a national movement to support young female athletes. She was nominated for a Young Women of Achievement award in 2019 and we know this is just the beginning of Courtney's amazing future. Listen to Courtney INSPIRE you!

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