Startup Sioux Falls LIVE with Elizabeth Overmoe

Beth Overmoe is a Strategic Plan Coordinator for the State Bar of South Dakota, a state organization for attorneys in South Dakota.

She is also a Co-coordinator of Access to Justice, Inc. Access to Justice is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting equal access to justice for all citizens of the State of South Dakota.

We cover:

  • Background on Elizabeth [03:25]

  • What legal topics catch her eye. [05:25]

  • What non-legal topics catch her eye [06:30]

  • Why she is so into music [07:30]

  • Her amazing dog [10:45]

  • 200 Questions Game [13:09]

  • What TV family most reminds her of her own. [14:00]

  • What her all time favorite halloween costume is [14:50]

  • What her favorite quote is [16:38]

  • What the best vacation she ever took was [17:50]

  • How she deals with work stress [20:42]

  • Friends she considers family [24:00]

  • How she likes to spend time with family [24:30]

  • Shameless promotion [26:00]

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Guests: Elizabeth Overmoe

Hosted by: Clinton Brown

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