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the formative years: The childhood stories of the famous and infamous

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A child development specialist and a psychotherapist take a look at the childhood events that formed the famous and infamous men and women of the world and how it made them the adults we know.



meet the co-hosts

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andrea boerigter


Andrea Boerigter is a pediatric speech and language pathologist specializing in feeding difficulties as well as early childhood natural language development. Andrea lives in Sioux Falls, SD with her husband and two children where she runs a private practice, writes, and owns and operates an indoor play and child development center, Bloom.

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kate jackson


Kate Taylor Jackson, LPC, is a mental health expert with a goal to make an enjoyable meaningful life accessible to everyone. She treats and diagnoses individuals with a wide variety of mental health symptoms at an outpatient community mental health center. Kate is an active clinician in a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) consultation team. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri where she enjoys being a mom, writing, making people laugh, singing, goofing around with family, and being active.  

pilot episodes

Episode 1
The Formative Years: Oprah Winfrey

How did Oprah Winfrey go from poverty, sex abuse, and teen pregnancy to being a multi-billionaire media mogul?  Let's talk about it in the first episode ever of The Formative Years.

episode 2
The Formative Years: Ed Gein

An abusive alcoholic for a father and a strict religious mother who hates men, Gein was raised in a family full of anger and turmoil.  As an adult Ed Gein’s crimes and mental illness would go on to inspire writers and intrigue psychiatrists.

Episode 3
The Formative Years: Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy spent his childhood cooped up indoors soaking up books about education and nature and his teenage years becoming healthy and strong.  A solid childhood with encouraging parents and a lot of determination built Theodore Roosevelt into the conservationist and president we know him as.

Episode 4
The Formative Years: Aileen Wournos

Aileen was born to a teenage mother and a father serving time for sexual assault. She was raised by her grandparents, who were abusive alcoholics. A deeper look into her childhood might even leave you feeling sorry for this violent serial killer.

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